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  1. Miss-Mess 1wk 3d ago

    Quote by myri-chan

    Quote by Miss-Mess

    Quote by myri-chan

    Quote by Miss-Mess

    Quote by myri-chan Hi Miss :3
    How are you ?

    Oh! Hiya Myrie :D

    I'm all good. How're you doing?
    How's life treating you?

    Glad to hear that :)
    I'm fine ^^ Haha It treats me good as always ;3
    Any new animes ,games or jpop music my dear ? i wonder if you like k pop ^.^'

    Good good! :D
    Oh yeah games, there are planty of games you should try. “Horizen” the new “assaisan creed” also “evil within”
    Animes im starting to watch inuyashiki and its so good so far.

    I only played assassin creed 2 and 4 ,they were awesome games ^.^ b
    Evil within looks pretty scary ^~^ i have the game but didn't really played it yet ^.^' I love survival horror in general :3
    Inuyashiki seems to be an interesting anime,with some awesome graphics O.O

    Good we have so many things in common! :3

  2. Huesin Moderator 3wk 1d ago

    Quote by myri-chanI am not into yaoi myself either,but this anime is worth watching,it's a very good anime.
    Berserk is a masterpiece of a manga,the only one i read from A to Z..or to w Lol, as you said, its author tend to be too lazy to finish the story,but i rather think that he want his best work to last for a very long time which means more dough him ;3 But i hope he will finish it before he passes away x.x otherwise it would be a disaster :/ i know that he's a fan of a manga called guin saga,this manga is known for having the longest story ever,i hope he's not trying to break the record or something Lol.

    Didn't you say you don't like cute stuff ? Lol

    I don't think one can learn about reality by watching manichean/kids animes like CCS ? i could be wrong xD
    But i agree with you,there's a lot of bs going on, the problem is that everybody is a part of the problem,few persons have the right notion of what's really good or bad :/ people tend to be manichean, stuff like absolute good vs absolute evil, most people are like Mozgus.
    Opposing white to black is stupid! Because there's black inside the white and white inside the black you know what i am saying? Believing that Idols or "Stars" are perfect and better than anyone else Lol.. i would rather give more credit to dystheistic points of view than having simplistic opinions.

    I love sunshiny stuff too, don't get me wrong..(Mama Quilla's life would be too sad without Inti ;p)
    I love cute stories,but i can't help from thinking it is fake as well because absolute good don't exist..it's always nice to watch or play cute animes/games tho,dreaming is necessary from time to time.

    Muchas gracias for the quote Huesito,it's always interesting to learn about popular wisdom ^^

    I'll give it a try then :)
    I don't think Miura-sensei can break the record xD Hajime no Ippo has 1180+ chapters and it's still going.

    Of course I like cute stuff, I don't see myself as cute tho xP I'm just a dark average dude and you know it ^^;

    Why not, I think we can see real life in everything. CCS is a manga for kids, it's warm-hearted, it has cute stuff but it talks about forbidden love without being judgmental, that's why I like it. Maybe your definition of manichean is different but I don't see any moral duality or hypocrisy in that manga. It has more good than bad in it, that's all.

    Dark manga has more bad than good in it, that's not realistic either. If we lived in a truly evil world, things would have ended a long time ago. It's like you said, there's black in white and white in black. Life has all the colors of the rainbow and all the shadows. Talking in absolutes is stupid, that's the problem ofc.

    The problem is the internet. Most people think they're on the right side of history, and judge others from their high horses. I think nobody is. To be honest, I do argue with people once in a while because I lean to the left, but I realized fighting with them cuz they have a different view of the world has become poisonous to society. I still get mad at some people, but we're all humans in the end. Hating someone because they hate you is an oxymoron.

    I've had enough of evil stuff tbh :/ There are horrible news everywhere, it makes some old horror manga look like a kids story. Anime is just an escape from that ugly part of life. So I'll defend sunshiny stories till I die :P If you want my take on realistic anime tho, I'd say Samurai Champloo is the closest to real life I've ever watched.

    Speaking of sunshiny stuff, Inti didn't love Mama Quilla, he wanted to have another wife, Pachamama (Mother Earth), but she refused to be his wife. So Inti decided to marry her by force. Pachamama made a stone giant to protect herself, so Inti gave a golden rock to one of his servants. That servant severed the giant's head by throwing the golden rock at its neck. The giant died and became two mountains. Pachamama could only run away. That's the real story, so... you see, shiny or not, even the sun can be evil xD

    De nada, me gusta aprender cosas de ti también ^^
    The author's name is Facundo Cabral, "No estas deprimido, Estas Distraido". in case you're interested in reading the whole thing.

  3. Huesin Moderator 3wk 1d ago

    Quote by myri-chanDe nada guapito ^3^

    Sorry Hue ^.^; ..But now i think of it, this explains why i was speaking in spanish with you ;P

    Well it is ^.^; there's some yaoi in it and some disturbing stuff too but the story is well written, and the characters are interesting. Animes like Kuroshitsuji and Berserk are dark but most often dark stories are more truthful and closer to reality than sunshiny stories xwx

    So you were speaking in spanish with me for no reason xD Don't worry Myri-chan ^^

    Yaoi, my arch-enemy.. Just kidding x.x I don't know much about Kuroshitsuji but Berserk is awesome. It's dark, the art is amazing, its monsters are scary af. The mangaka is lazy as hell tho :/ He's on hiatus again.. I wonder if he'll finish his manga one day.

    Closer to reality.. I don't know.. there are lots of bs going on in the world, literally. Lots of evil things done by a few evil idiots. There' are good things in life too tho. Life isn't black or white, right? That's why I love me some sunshiny stories and dark stories. I could watch Berserk, Gantz at morning, and watch CCS / Clannad at night, and I'd never feel weird about doing that.
    'An explosion makes more noise than a caress, but for every explosion that destroys there are millions of caresses nurturing life. Good feeds itself, evil destroys itself.'
    I've translated it from spanish, so hope it makes some sense. I think it's true, people tend to focus more on the evil side cuz evil makes more noise. Anyway, sorry for the little rant xwx

  4. rooney 3wk 2d ago

    Quote by myri-chan

    Quote by rooneyHello, and thanks for the request.

    Hi Rooney,long time no see O_O i hope ur doin well ^^

    I’m doing so, I guess...

  5. Steffi1690 Moderator 3wk 3d ago

    When you add new tags, report them please:

  6. gadisitugirl 3wk 3d ago

    Have a nice day unnie! XD

  7. gadisitugirl 3wk 3d ago

    Quote by myri-chan
    No biggy dear sis ^3^
    You like power rangers ? Sentai were so funny ? >_<
    names sounds funny isn't it ? yes he did ^^ he's so hilarious XP
    Indo Pop is awesome :3 i had a friend named Nabila. we were inseparable ;3;
    i hope so ^.^; *crosses fingers*
    Both are! Lol Seduction is based on illusions :/
    being a good friend is a good starter because there's no big difference between friendship and romance. yeah i know what you mean,well don't do anything that can cause you problems,be discreet Lol
    You're welcome ^3^
    the lyrics of that song can apply to many type of persons not only to womanizers,it could be a friend,a politician,a priest or even one's own family @__@ actually human relationships are also based on deception,in a certain sense we are all puppets in way or another >_<

    I like Mlp,it's a cute and funny cartoon but most of all i am a fan of Princess Luna ^3^ Huzzah!
    You didn't know? Lol *dances with you* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mGz56SQ7EVE
    Yaay! so glad to be your unnie \(^3^)/
    Thank you for being so understanding ;3;

    Yes power rangers are one of my childhood top movies XD I'm kinda missing them soemtimes XD
    Childhopd memories xD
    He is hilarious? XD I haven't searched it tho TT..TT
    Where did you meet Nabila? XD
    Woah... But I thought seduction could be a real one of it comes from a lover(?) :O
    Unnie, do you have a boyfriend or a husband? XD
    I thought even being a good friend can also ended to be a one sided love story TT..TT
    Right Unnie! I will stay away from being too close to any guy friend (^0^)/
    A friend and family could be a pretender? That sounds scary (T ^ T)
    But I think family couldn't deceive each other when they are doing something because of love, unnie XD

    Now I just realize Mlp means my little pony! XD I haven't watched it but they are do look cute! XD
    Princess Luna is the one who be your MT avatar, right? Am I wrong? XD
    Woa thanks for the link unnie! XD I like how Peterpan and Wendy dance, they had a little romance but unfortunately separated in the end :( is that another meaning that first love can't be cherished?
    Yaay I got unnie! XD ヽ(゚∀゚)メ(゚∀゚)メ(?(...)
    Your welcome unnie (*'∀'人)♥*

  8. rooney 3wk 4d ago

    Hello, and thanks for the request.

  9. Huesin Moderator 3wk 4d ago

    Quote by myri-chanYour ava is not really scary it's cute ! ^3^ even with that evil smile :P

    Latino ? i thought you were asian xD Btw,what does it have to do with being dark inside ? o__O

    seriously? :P that anime is a classic! dark but awesome ^3^

    Ohh you were talking about my avie -3- Thanks tho~

    I told you I was latino a long time ago xD How could you forget ;o;

    I've never watched it. I always thought it was one of those guy x guy romance anime, so I was trying to avoid it ^^;
    Dark huh, then I guess I'll take a look at the first episodes :o

  10. Huesin Moderator 3wk 5d ago

    Quote by myri-chanyeah i know that he's a buthisface dude xD ..so i must admit that you have the cutest face among reapers ^3^

    six pack of beers won't help you to get a real six pack :P

    Oh come on! you can't be that dark inside ^3^ haha i know that you know :P


    Reapers can't be cute, even if they got a six pack and muscles, they'd still be scary lol.

    I don't drink very often, so... I could get them six packs easily I guess :P

    I'm equally dark outside and inside xD Ok, not that dark but there's a bit of darkness in there. You know I'm latino, right? x3x

    Btw, I've never watched Kuroshitsuji, is it any good? :o

  11. gadisitugirl 3wk 6d ago

    Quote by myri-chan

    Gadchan ! i missed you so much ^3^
    Haha yep and humans have many defects ^^
    that's the spirit Lol
    Oh,the one with Taecyeon and GuiGui was very very funny,Jo kwon and Gain was fun too,also Julien Kang & Yoon Se-ah, Hwang Kwanghee & Han Sunhwa ^^oh yes korean idols are very cute but Indonesian idols are cute too! i love Nabilah she's soo pretty ^3^
    unfortunately it is..most often meeting someone is like opening a jack in the box x.x
    it takes a long time to analyze someone's character and hidden sides you know,this person could secretly have bad intentions or simply be burdensome Lol
    well i know it is hard to control our emotions especially when a person seem to be so cute (apparently) unfortunately beauty and charm are just a sweet illusion.
    you are young so it is normal to be romantic,sometimes it's a question of luck not all of us have the same experiences in life,maybe you are going to meet the perfect match or maybe not,if you have a lot in common and you don't fight/argue with your guy then it is a good sign but take your time to know him better,it is more cautious ^^
    xD simulate not stimulate,here! check those lyrics, you will understand ^^ : https://genius.com/La-toya-jackson-hes-a-pretender-lyrics
    My pleasure,i hope it was useful ^.^'
    Don't despair my dear,you are still young,just be careful and i am pretty sure you'll find what you are looking for :)
    gothic fashion is awesome and smexxy ^3^
    yes it's like seeing a spooky movie,its frightning but cool at the same time ^^
    ofc it looks so punk rock like in nana xP
    haha fans can be very annoying sometimes,be patient ^.^'
    well ^.^' fans of mlp tend to ponify almost everything in a crazy and amusing way xP
    maybe you have it already Lol if people think that you act like a kid then you got that virus too ;P
    Huzzahh :3 you can call me the way you want,you are my budette ^3^
    T__T sorry for typoness
    Ur welcome ^3^

    I missed you too! >_< and here I am late replying again T..T
    Yes, spirit! (9'0')9
    Go go power ranger! (?) (/*-*)/
    Taecyon and Guigui? XD I will remember their names and will ask my friends if they have some of their episodes XD Hwang Kwanghee also joined WGM too? I didn't know about that (*-*)
    I have to check it soon!
    I see you like Nabilah XD thank you so much TTwTT
    Do you think I will meet my perfect match? XD thank you!
    So I have to know which one is a sweet illusion and which one are the real one?
    Actually I don't think I will meet... I don't know :( I had problem about boys actually. I'm still learning how to be an average girl who can be friends with boys in real life. Wait, there are some cultures and others... How can I put those into words? I'm getting confused by myself haha xD
    I will try my best to analyze someone before I like him, thank you very much! XD
    Tbh I like the lyrics! I immadiately download that song mp3 XD thank you for letting me know the song >_<
    Why I do feel complicated read the lyric.. Why the man that in the song is a pretender? Is he a playboy or something? :(
    Ayee I agree with you! XD
    Spooky... O.o I guess that is too XD (?)

    Wow... MLP sounds like have fun people! XD are you one of them? (*-*)
    I really have that syndrome too? (*-*) really? Yeayy XD XD *dothehappydance*
    Yay! You are so kind! >_< I think i want to call you unnie too XD
    It's okay, I do typo too XD hehe
    When I talked to my Indonesia friends, the typo I did even worse XD

  12. Huesin Moderator 4wk 2d ago

    lmao but what about his face.. don't tell me you like guys like him xD

    I could do some workout and get a better body :P I just need to bring back the six pack.. the six pack of beers owo

    That's true, but I guess I'm dark outside and inside x3x Who are Sebastian and Angela btw? Are they from an anime series?

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